Shawnee Mission Park Engagement

Shawnee Mission Park Engagement | Hannah + Cal

Surprise. Surprise. I had another beautiful Shawnee Mission Park engagement session. I feel like I should just live here because I'm at Shawnee Mission Park literally every week. Oh well, I'm still not tired of it.

I had so much fun with these two and their adorable pup Benson. We hit up some of my favorite spots and the weather could not have been better. Even though Cal is not a huge fan of pictures, he was a trooper and went along with all my crazy prompts like a champ.

Shawnee Mission Park Engagement

It's so obvious how much fun these two have together. In between the poses, they were having a blast goofing off together.

Hannah is one of those brides I immediately bonded with. We have a mutual love for animals, even though she isn't a cat person (still holding that against her) and fandom. Leading up to the engagement session, most brides text me to discuss outfits. Instead, we were texting about American Idol. I'm a few episodes behind, but she asked about my favorites at this point. You know it's a good fit whenever you talk about things that don't involve wedding planning.

I'm seriously so excited for their wedding in a few months!

Shawnee Mission Park Engagement

How did he propose?

Cal surprised me in the most surprising way. I had no idea it was coming. I graduated from Baker University in December of 2019, but I never walked across the stage because of a snow store then COVID happened. Or got pictures in my gap and gown and Baker. Well Cal just recently graduated from Baker in December of 2020. So we went down there to have him get his grad pictures taken. Throughout the week (before the Saturday he proposed) my mom kept asking if I would get all dressed up and go get a picture in my cap and gown as well. I really didn’t want too, I was just going to wear jeans and a nice shirt because to be honest.... I really didn’t want to shave my legs to wear a dress. Well my mom and Cal finally convinced me to shave my legs and wear a dress. We went to Baker University campus and took pictures at the football field and then on the actual campus. We took pictures in our cap and gowns under the arch and then went over by the chapel. Well by then, we were both tired of pictures but then Cal wanted pictures underneath the Grape Arbor. Now this Grape Arbor has a significance at Baker... they say if you kiss someone under it, y’all are soulmates. We took some pictures underneath it and kissed in them. Cal’s mom was showing me those pictures and then I turned around and Cal was on a knee and asked “Hannah Kathrine Fehlhafer, will you marry me?” Immediately started bawling like a baby, and of course I said YES!!! How could I not?? Then we hug and kiss and he puts the ring on me, meanwhile still bawling. I see my family coming up to us in the distance and the tears just start flowing even more. Because I didn’t expect them to be there. Cal had this so perfectly planned at a place that holds so much meaning in our life. So beautiful. Still cry when I rewatch the video and think of that day. I get to marry my soulmate and I am so excited.

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

There are A LOT of qualities I love about Cal. But the one thing I love the most is how passionate/obsessed he is about certain things. For example, his love for Marvel and Star Wars. He’s seen all the movies so many times... but watching them with him it’s like he’s watching it for the first time but with all of the facts about each character and what certain things represent. The way his brain works when it comes to movies, is just so amazing to me and I love it. Another example would be, when he gets something new. Like I bought him a pair of Yeezy’s for Christmas and the way he looked at them was like a kid in a candy shop. He was so amazed by them.

Question for the groom: what do you love most about her?

Okay, there is a lot of things that i love about Hannah but the one that stands out to me the most is her personality. She is so outgoing, she wants to put a smile on everyone’s face and i love how she wants to make a difference in this world, she pushes me to be a better person.

What's your favorite part about wedding planning?

Cal- “When it’s over”
Hannah - being able to plan it with my mom as well as Cal’s mom but making our dream day a reality is such a beautiful thing.

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

Hannah - walking down the aisle and seeing Cal’s face.
Cal - seeing my future wife in her wedding dress.

Cal wants me to say an octopus here ? (I usually don't include this question in the blog, but I really liked this answer and I'm kind of disappointed there was no octopus present)

Shawnee Mission Park Engagement

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