Shawnee Mission Park engagement

Shawnee Mission Park Engagement | Jen + Ashlei

Jen and Ashlei had a fabulous Shawnee Mission Park engagement session last night! I’ve been a bit behind on blogging this week, so I wanted to waste no time getting their preview out! These two are getting married in Hutchinson and drove all the way out to KC just to see me. I’m special 😂

Shawnee Mission Park engagement

Thanks Jen and Ashlei for an amazing session! Here’s your full preview!

Shawnee Mission Park engagement

– Hear from the couple –

How did you meet?

Note from Elizabeth: I usually don’t share this question on the blog, but I loved this story and it deserved to be shared.

We met through my late husband, who unfortunately passed away in 2020. While he was my husband, he was also Ashlei’s best friend. Ashlei came to my side after the car accident and never left. She took on her grief as well as helping me through my grief and helped raise a niece and a nephew that we had custody of.

Tell me your engagement story!

Ashlei has a twin sister, Payton, who got married in September 2023. Payton and her husband, Kyle, are our best friends and we do almost everything together. Payton was actually my best friend before Ashlei and I officially got together. Ashlei and I go everywhere together which made ring shopping difficult so she called on Payton and Kyle to help pick it out without her physically there. Twin minds are crazy alike, so it worked. While she was trying to figure out how/when to do the proposal, Payton and Kyle asked her to do it AT THEIR WEDDING. Normal people would have been offended to have someone propose during their biggest day of their lives, but we aren’t a normal group and again with the “twin thing.” Payton, Kyle, and their bridal party all helped pull together the proposal. During the bouquet toss, Payton had the DJ play Ashlei and I’s song (Just the Way by Parmalee.) Instead of tossing the bouquet, Payton walked it over to me and Ashlei was on her knee behind me waiting to propose in front of a couple hundred people. It was definitely a night to remember and SO full of love all around!
Fast forward a couple weeks and we made a trip to Casper, Wyoming with Kyle and Payton to see Kyle’s family. I had booked a photographer “to just get some photos taken on the mountain.” The mountain was gorgeous and the waterfalls were nice and frozen. It was beautiful. During the photo shoot, Ashlei turned around to me on MY knee. She thought I was just using my ring to propose for photos but then she realized that I still had my ring on my finger and another one in my hand while I was trying to not drop it through the bridge we were standing on. We laughed a lot and again we were surround by so much love. Kyle, Payton, and Kyle’s brother and family had gone with us and were all waiting in the background.
I had started shopping for a ring for her before Payton’s wedding without knowing that she already had one for me. I bought one but did not end up liking it as much once I got it out of the store, so I bought a second one. I ended up going with the second one and when she saw the first one I picked, she definitely liked the one I went with instead.

Question for the Jen: what do you love most about Ashlei?

What I love most about Ashlei is honestly her love for me. She is soft towards me when she’s not really seen as the soft one out in public and she has been willing to step up and help me whether it was with the kids, before and after my last two back surgeries, or anything else life has slapped us with. She also wants me to have the best of everything and she always makes sure I’m taken care of.

Question for the Ashlei: what do you love most about Jen?

What I love most about Jen is the way she looks at me. Yes that’s the good and the bad looks! The way she looks at me I know I’m loved by her. Of course I also know when she’s not happy but I never second guess if she likes me or not. The room can be full of people and she’s always looking at me. If she’s not looking at me she’s talking about me. Her love for me is strong and I love it.

What’s your favorite part about wedding planning?

My favorite part about wedding planning is probably seeing all the different amazing ideas other brides have been putting together lately. I follow tons of pages and Pinterest boards and so many people have great ideas that I’m not sure I could have thought of. I do love to be crafty/creative too!

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

Sharing our love in front of everyone is the biggest but THEENN the party with ALL of our people! We like to entertain people and provide a good time. This will be the biggest, happiest party of them all!

Shawnee Mission Park engagement

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