Shawnee Mission Park engagement

Shawnee Mission Park Engagement | Michaela + David

Nicolette had a hot (in multiple ways) Shawnee Mission Park engagement session on Sunday with Michaela and David. Even though the temperature reached 100 degrees, these two continued to smile through the entire session.

Shawnee Mission Park engagement

Here’s your preview Michaela and David!

Hair and makeup by Studio A Salon.

Shawnee Mission Park engagement

– Hear from the couple –

How did he propose?

Every summer we have gone to Tennessee to visit David’s family for a week around his birthday in June. Last summer we went down there in July. I had no idea he was planning to propose but he had been talking to my mom and best friend and they had all gone together to pick to the ring out in June and it was ready just in time for our trip to TN. He told his family before coming and his mom was trying to help him plan a perfect time/spot to do it. We got down to TN on a Saturday. He carried it around in his pocket waiting for the right chance. His mom had planned up a trip to go to Gatlinburg TN and visit this mountain scenic view called Anikista on Wednesday. Monday comes around first and he has been carrying the ring in his pocket and he is paranoid that I know its in there and claims I kept touching his leg where he had the ring. I had no idea and was not paying attention to what was in his pocket. That Monday we went to this national park and walked through it. There was a planetarium there as well so we decided to go see this showing it had. It was a short movie about dinosaurs. Then after the dino film, they showed what the night sky was going to look like that night and were naming stars. Side note- David and I are big night sky/star watching people. So we are sitting in these chairs that are leaned back and looking up at the stars when all the sudden he leans over to me and is whispering in my ear about how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Then he says he had a ring for me in his pocket and asks if I will marry him. This is literally in the middle of the presenter talking about the stars. I finally whisper back yes and what feels like years later the presenter is done showing the night sky. David knows I’m not a huge fan of a lot of attention so he asks me if I want him to get down on one knee there or wait. I told him wait until we get back to his family’s house. Once there he get’s down on one knee and says his whole speech again in the kitchen and I finally get to see the ring! I love that it was just us and a special memory I treasure for a life time!

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

What I love most about David is his weirdness. He pretty much will do anything he can to make me laugh. He is the goofiest human on the planet.

Question for the groom: what do you love most about her?

What I love most about Kayla is her intelligence, her loving and caring attitude. I also love the way she makes me feel like a little kid again with some of the dates she has planned.

What’s your favorite part about wedding planning?

My favorite part of wedding planning is making it our own and unique to us. We are planning on having a fun entrance to the reception!

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

David- I am most excited to read the wedding vows we write for each other.
Michaela- I am most excited for the reception where we can dance and spend time with all our family and friends and celebrate our love.

Shawnee Mission Park engagement

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