should you be concerned about the weather

Should You Be Concerned About the Weather?

When it comes to planning a session, weather is always a concern. I’m typically checking the weather religiously to see what to expect. Regardless of weather type, your pictures will be beautiful! As much as you may want a beautiful day, the Midwest doesn’t always cooperate, so here’s what you can expect in any weather the universe may offer us.

Keep in mind, just because your wedding or engagement session day is looking like it might be less than ideal, all different types of weather have their benefits.


Pro: Golden light

Con: Harsh light, more limited about where you can go.


Pro: Natural hair movement, great veil shots

Con: Annoying hair


Pro: Can take pictures anywhere without worrying about light, cloudy sunsets are the best

Con: Less golden light


Pro: Cool rainy images

Con: Wet and muddy


Pro: You can cuddle closer

Con: Uncomfortably cold?


Pro: Your skin will glisten (in a good way)

Con: You may be sweaty

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