The Bauer KC wedding

The Bride and the Bauer Wedding | Traci + Jason

Traci and Jason had a beautiful The Bride and the Bauer wedding on Thursday! Yes, these two decided to forgo the traditional weekend and get married during the week because why not. As photographers themselves, they knew the pressure weekends could bring, so they decided to do things their own way.

The Bride and the Bauer wedding

From the tables to the florals, everything was meticulously planned and couldn’t have been more beautiful. I’m obsessed with their colors. Blush is timeless and will never go out of style!

These two were so fun to work with. Since they are photographers, they already knew the basics of what a wedding day entailed.

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I believe I touched on this when I blogged their engagement session, but it’s always a terrifying experience working with other photographers. On one hand, they know how the day works, but on the other hand, they can be even more high-strung than any regular couple because they want their day to be as perfect as all the days they have photographed. I would know as a former high-strung bride/photographer. Thankfully, these two were the most chill.

Throughout all our planning, Traci mentioned how their day would be super laid-back and it definitely was. The best part about having a smaller wedding is being able to do things your way and not having to cater to a structured timeline.

The Bauer KC wedding

Thank you so much Traci and Jason for allowing me to be part of your Bride and Bauer wedding! Here’s your full preview. More to come shortly!

Venue: The Bride and the Bauer

Florist: Indigo Rose

Cake: Classic Cakes

Design: Luxe Design and Events

Officiant: Timmy Gibson

Photography and Videography: E. Golden Moments

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I love the vintage feel of the Bride and Bauer. We are both photographers and artists so it fits us well.

The Bauer KC wedding

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