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The English Barn Wedding | Jennifer + Robby

Where do I even begin…. my wedding season kicked off with an absolutely gorgeous English Barn wedding in Louisburg! Jennifer and Robby had a beautiful celebration on Saturday and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

It was around 11:30 in the morning. The English Barn wedding venue was quiet as the girls eagerly prepared for the day. I entered the bridal suite, fully expecting to work on details immediately, but instead Angie, Jennifer’s mom, approached me. Angie, choking back tears, said to me, “I can’t thank you enough for being here with us.” She mentioned how important images are and how she is so excited to see the story of the day. I gave her a masked hug and continued on with my day, overcome with the realization that I’m here for more than just capturing the bride. The day is about the mother who is seeing her daughter marrying the man of her dreams. It’s about the little details, like the chain around the bouquet remembering those who are no longer with us. The day is about finally having relief from the awful 2020 and coming together to celebrate as a group for the first time in a year.

english barn wedding in louisburg

Colorful English Barn Wedding

The rest of the day went off without a hitch. Jennifer wanted a colorful day filled with the love she and Robby share. One of her greatest desires was to have a gorgeous sunset. Earlier in the day, there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky and I was disappointed. I didn’t want to let Jennifer down, but thankfully, the universe decided Jennifer deserved all the colors and the sky lit up beautiful shades of orange and yellow. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Their exit has to be one of my favorite exits of all time. Mike King delivered! Instead of simply having a bubble exit, he decided to add some smoke to the mix resulting in some beautiful colors to complete the day.

Wedding party photos with streamers

After the exit, I gave Jennifer a hug and headed home, almost forgetting about the letter she handed me earlier in the day. While I was backing up images, I read it and the last line said “We consider you family now.” That line meant so much to me because my clients, like Jennifer, aren’t just clients. I’m there with you through the ups and downs of wedding planning. Even though our business relationship may be over post wedding, our personal relationship will never end.

Thank you so much Jennifer and Robby for allowing me to be part of your gorgeous English Barn Wedding. As soon as you inquired, I knew this would be a perfect fit. That feeling was confirmed even more during our engagement session. Jennifer and I connected on such a personal level and I can’t wait to hang out all the time post-COVID. Enjoy your married lives! I know it’ll be fabulous, just like you two!

Sunset photo at the English Barn in Louisburg Kansas

Venue: The English Barn

Cake and Catering: Sugar and Spice Catering

DJ: Mic King Music and Events

Hair and Makeup: Paradise Hair and Makeup

Gown: Belle Vogue

Planning: Bridal Path Weddings & Events

Photography: eGolden Moments

– Hear from the bride –

Share your inspiration and the atmosphere you’re creating for your wedding:

Upscale Country? Elegant but down to Earth in touches.

Share how (or why) you chose your wedding venue(s):

Jane had such great vision. The first time I walked by her vendor booth at a wedding show….and I was planning a destination wedding at the time…at DISNEY WORLD…I considered throwing it all out. In the end, Covid did it for me, but when we shifted gears to an at home wedding, Jane was my first phone call. I had to know if she was remotely in my budget and if my fur kids would be allowed to join us. Jane was so kind and understood my heart. It was scary in some ways to step out in faith that this venue would come to fruition, but it’s a dream. Every photo I see and every word I hear tells me that we will have a glorious venue with the best of the best in KC taking care of documenting our day. Happily Ever After may look different than I imagined at first, but this will be better. And glorious.

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their wedding?

Be very very careful who you book. Finding a planner or another vendor to guide you through this process is essential! They have done this many times and no matter our skill set, they know best. You want good people to have your back during one of the biggest days of your life! Like Elizabeth and Hannah. They’re awesome.

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

You guys! I have lovely vendors and I can’t thank you enough! After a semi stressful pandemic, my vendors have given me all the confidence that whether my wedding is 20 people or 200 I will be just fine. I love you guys soooo much!

Sunset photo at the English Barn in Louisburg Kansas

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