Flower petal exit at the Grand Hall in KC

The Grand Hall | Luxury Kansas City Wedding Inspiration

It all started with a cake. Not this cake to be exact, but a cake. Let me explain….

Grand Hall Kansas City invitations by Yellowbrick Graphics

My good friend, Samantha with Crumbs and Confections, and I were talking. It was sometime in January or February and I was participating in a photo contest. While voting on other entries, I saw the most unique cake I had ever seen. The three-tiered cake was split in two parts with cascading florals down the center. Immediately, I sent a screenshot to Samantha and asked if she could create something similar with her own twist on it. She said hell yeah and this beautiful luxury inspiration shoot at The Grand Hall was born.

Cassandra Grace Bridal couture gown

Immediately after Samantha came on board, we started brainstorming colors. She suggested the idea of purple in order to add contrast to the white cake design. I loved it because it’s not too often purple is the central color in wedding decor. Whenever I’m planning an inspiration shoot, I want to think outside the box as much as possible. I don’t want to follow trends; I want to create them.

Who better to help me create trends than my good friend Hannah with Eleven Events and Planning. I’ve worked with Hannah like eight times now and she continues to be one of my favorite people. I love her eye for design and her ability to always create the perfect tablescape. I seriously do not know how she makes every table look beautiful, but she does.

Head table design by Botanical Floral Design

I knew this inspiration shoot would be something special, so I wanted to be sure to get all my favorites on board. I’ve worked with Samantha and Hannah multiple times and they are definitely a couple of my favorite people on this planet. I knew they would create my vision absolutely perfectly.

Let’s talk about my vision for a second. Well, I didn’t really have one. I knew I wanted this shoot to be luxurious and beautiful. I had no clue what I wanted it to look like, but I knew how I wanted it to feel. I wanted it to feel like a fairytale come to life. I wanted it to feel like a royal wedding. I wanted it to feel…grand.

When The Grand Hall said they were interested in participating, I was shocked. The Grand Hall is only the most luxurious, high-end venue in the city, so there is no way they would be interested in working with us. I was wrong. Lauren and Jessica, from the Grand Hall, were excited to jump on board and provide us the perfect venue for this insanely gorgeous shoot.

Luxury wedding inspiration in Kansas City

The look wouldn’t have been complete without Matt Hutchinson from Botanical Floral Designs. I had been following Matt for quite some time and knew him through others in the industry. I wanted to work with him so badly and this shoot seemed to be right up his alley. I was so excited when he agreed to work with us! He did more than I ever could have imagined. Not only did he design an incredible centerpiece, but he also created a floral wreath and custom-designed trees. That’s right. He made us some trees!

The Grand Hall Kansas City wedding

After we had our full vendor team in place, we met to brainstorm the session a bit more. Samantha said to me, “would you be mad at me if I didn’t do the split cake…” She told me anyone could do a split cake and she wanted to do something that hasn’t been seen before. Samantha showed us a picture of a floating cake, but she didn’t want to do just an ordinary floating cake. She wanted to suspend the cake while also suspending a floral wreath. With the help of some very strategically placed fishing line, she even surprised herself by making it work.

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The floating cake wasn’t the only unique element. The inspiration shoot also featured a 16-foot head table, signature cocktails, deckled-edged invitations, gorgeous city views, and more. This is some wedding inspiration you do not want to miss and will be perfect for anyone wanting to add a bit of luxury to their big day.

Floating wedding cake by Crumbs and Confections
Without further ado….the floating cake at the Grand Hall in Kansas City

Thank you so much to all the wonderful contributors! You all are amazing and I could not have done it without you!!!!!!

Venue: The Grand Hall

Planning and Design: Eleven Events and Planning

Photography: eGolden Moments

Florals: Botanical Floral Design

Rentals: Belle Journee

Dessert: Crumbs and Confections

Hair: Weddings by Roxana

Makeup: Dani Jo Bell

Stationery: YellowBrick Graphics

Drinks: Erin Cook Bartending

Jewelry: Iris and Emery

Dress: Cassandra Grace Bridal

Suit: Business Meets Style

Specialty Gifts: Lavender Ducky Designs

Videography: Fowlerhouse Films

Models: Thor and Brittany  

Flower petal exit at the Grand Hall in KC

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