Sunset wedding photos in Joplin Missouri

The I Do Event Space Wedding | Chelsea + Brandon

Chelsea and Brandon had a gorgeous I Do Event Space Wedding in Joplin on Saturday!

So it's very rare for me to actually know a couple throughout their entire engagement. Typically I'm hired a few months after the question is popped and we work together from there.

The I Do Event Space wedding in Joplin Missouri

For these two, I actually met them for the first time on the night of their engagement. I believe I told the story when writing their blog post for their engagement session, but it's weird how the world works so I must tell it again. On the morning of the day Brandon was going to propose, I got a call from his sister-in-law. The photographer who was going to photograph the proposal was sick, so they were looking for a replacement. I happened to have the night off. It was in December when I try to take most of the month off, so I wasn't sure if I even wanted to accept the job. After debating for a bit, I decided why not.

Brandon was set to propose on the Plaza after dark in front of the lights. As a flash photographer, this was a dream scenario for me. I love any situation that seems challenging at first, so I was excited to see how this would play out.

Sunset wedding photos in Joplin Missouri

The proposal went on without a hitch. After it was all said and done, I joked to them about if they need a wedding photographer, assuming they wouldn't even come close to thinking about planning yet. Well, a couple weeks later I got an email asking for my availability. They wanted to make sure they were able to book their venue for a day I was available. It makes me way too happy when a couple plans their wedding day around when I can be there.

Throughout the entire planning process, Chelsea and Brandon were a dream to work with. I could tell how much they loved each other and genuinely liked spending time with each other. They also valued my opinion, which is always a huge bonus.

Sunset wedding photos in Joplin Missouri

When the actual wedding day arrived, I was so excited to see them finally tie the knot in front of all their friends and family! They had a few surprises planned, like dancing on a cloud (BEST THING EVER), a CO2 cannon (to represent Brandon's life with the fire department), and Chelsea recorded herself singing the song that was played as she walked down the aisle (also a surprise for Brandon). To top it all off, we had the most breathtaking sunset I have seen in a while!

I'm so grateful I said yes to photographing the proposal almost a year ago and was able to be with you through every step of the planning process. Here's your full preview from your I Do Event Space Wedding!

Night wedding photos in Joplin

Venue: I Do Event and Wedding

DJ: Audio Crisp Events

Photography and Videography: eGolden Moments

- Hear from the bride -

Share the inspiration and atmosphere you're creating for your wedding:

Family! We both have a “family-first” attitude! We want our loved ones to see our love—and create a space that allows our guests to fall in love even deeper and reminisce on their own love stories throughout our wedding!

Share how (or why) you chose your wedding venue(s):

We connected with the owner, Lana Le and her husband. They were just so accommodating and they LOVE their job as a wedding venue! And the place is absolutely beautiful and everything we’ve wanted!

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their wedding?

Remember: the day is about you two. No need to feel obligated or bad about what you want for your wedding! At the end of the day, you are FREAKING MARRIED TO YOUR BEST FRIEND! Woohoo!!!

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

Starting early and making most decisions together! It’s nice to see what each other likes or chooses—gives you more of an insight to their tastes and to learn more about one another!

Night wedding photos in Joplin

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