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The Stanley Micro Wedding | Sabrina + Caleb

When Sabrina and Caleb were first planning their wedding at the Stanley Event Space in Lee’s Summit, they planned on a large guest list and a full day of fun! Well, like so many other couples, their world was completely turned upside down by COVID. Their large wedding in May turned into a large-ish wedding in July. About two weeks before the day, they were forced to cut out the reception portion of the day and only allow close family to attend their wedding in person.

Downtown Lee's Summit wedding pictures

Thankfully these two have been so awesome throughout the entire process! As much as the situation sucked, they were happy to be able to finally get married! Even though the day wasn’t anything like they imagined, they now get to dress up twice and have an amazing (and hopefully large) reception next year!

I met up with Sabrina and Caleb for their engagement session in March, just a few days before this pandemic took over our lives. I remember my husband called me while I was driving from their timeline planning meeting to their engagement session. He asked if we should seriously consider cancelling our cruise for the end of the month. At this point, I thought it was really stupid to cancel the vacation we had been looking forward to for months!

Of course we all know what happened next and our vacation had to be indefinitely postponed. The mandates hit a couple weeks later and Sabrina and Caleb were forced to postpone with only a month’s notice. Even though their second go around was different than they planned, nothing was going to stop them from officially getting married this year.

The Kingston room at the Stanley Event Space in Lee's Summit

With the small guest count, their day was still absolutely perfect. Instead of having to share their time with hundreds of people, we were able to focus on portraits followed by an intimate ceremony. They were then able to have a cake reception with around 10 friends and family members closest to them! This gave them time to actually talk to everyone and enjoy this special time in their lives without the stress of a real wedding day! Thankfully they were able to live stream the entire day for all their original guests to be part of the fun!

To Sabrina and Caleb: you two are seriously the cutest. I loved watching you interact and love each other throughout the day, from the way you exchanged glances down the aisle to our wet sunset session. You two are perfect! Plus, Sabrina, your dress is amazing and I’m so excited to play with your veil again next year! Seriously, her veil was incredible. Everyone should get a long veil.

Sunset pictures at the Stanley in Lee's Summit

Thank you so much for including me in your intimate day! I can’t wait until we can have a super fun party next year! Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite images from their day! More to be delivered shortly!!! 

Venue: Kingston Room at The Stanley Event Space

Florist: Shy Myrtle

Cake: HyVee

Gown: Mia’s Bridal

Photography: eGolden Moments

– Hear from the couple –

Side note: these answers were written in March, so I’m sure the answers may be slightly different if written today. I’m sure they would have preferred to not plan a wedding during COVID, but they still rolled with the hand they were given!

Share your inspiration and the atmosphere you’re creating for your wedding:

I used Pinterest for a lot of the inspiration. I loved the floral designs that was Incorporated. But overall, wanted a romantic and fairytale feel to the wedding.

Share how (or why) you chose your wedding venue(s):

i loved the setting of the whole venue. The hanging twinkle lights were one of my favorite things. 

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy every moment, and comprise often. 

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

Seeing all of the colors and pieces come together

Downtown Lee's Summit wedding pictures

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