Gone are the days of printing images and placing them in plastic sleeves! Gone are the days of having the exact same album as everyone else. I would like to introduce you to the Wedding Album Experience!

Ok, let me back up for a second. I have always offered albums. Early on in my business, I realized I wanted to offer something tangible to give you all the feels. I started with cheap albums from a consumer company and it wasn’t until I was looking for my own photographer for my wedding that I noticed the difference between consumer albums and professional albums. I fell in love with the silky smooth covers and lay-flat design that I knew I had to start offering gorgeous heirloom albums.

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Here are 3 reasons to order a wedding albums!

1. Your first family heirloom!

Do you remember thumbing through your grandparents’ photo albums as a kid? Did you love seeing how much your parents have changed. This is exactly what you will pass down for future generations. When you’re ordering an album, you want something that will last. You want something your grandchildren can hang on to. If you order an album off Shutterfly, the album is going to, first of all, be pretty awful quality. Second, it’s not going to last long enough for your grandchildren to experience the day with you. When you are spending the money on an album, you aren’t just spending it and watching it disappear. You are making an investment to your future. How many years do you plan on keeping your album? Probably forever. If you take that into consideration, the investment really is just pennies a month.

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2. Less work for you!

Raise your hand if you don’t plan on printing any of your photos!?! You’re probably thinking, ‘obviously I’m printing my photos’ right about now. I’m sure you plan on printing them, but sometimes that takes a lot longer than expected. Let me put this into perspective, I do this for a living and it took me three months to put together my own wedding album. Why? 1. I was lazy. 2. It took forever to pick out the images. 3. It wasn’t a high priority during those first few months. Now, how many people ask to see your pictures during that time? Literally everyone who visits! Wouldn’t it be easier to pull out an album instead of showing them a download link. More about that in my next point!

Plus, putting an album together by yourself is hard! You are emotionally attached to every image. That’s why I typically choose the images for my couples. Of course you can change around the images, but the first draft is always on me! That way you can see what it all looks like together before making the hard, nit-picky decisions. My album (that took three months to make) is about 100 pages long because I couldn’t narrow anything down. The average album I deliver is 30 pages. Even though it is nice to have an extra large album, it would be nicer to have an album I could easily lift. Those acrylic covers can get heavy, especially when they’re paired with 500 of your favorite images…

Kansas City Wedding Photographer

3. Instant conversation starter!

Picture this. Your in-laws are over for dinner. You just finished eating and are drinking a delicious cup of coffee. They notice your gorgeous leather photo album sitting on the coffee table and start flipping through it. Instant conversation starter! You don’t need to wrack your brain to think of something to talk about or stop to grab your laptop. All your beautiful images are right there!

There you have it! 3 reasons why you should invest in a wedding album. To summarize, order through your photographer in order to get a high quality piece quicker and more stress-free than you would if you did it on your own!

Wondering what an album really looks like? Check out this video for a complete walkthrough!

Want to add an album to your wedding experience? Contact me now to get 10% off any album as long as it’s ordered before your wedding date!


Yes yes yes! Albums are the best way to keep and display your wedding images!

I 1000% believe in the importance of a wedding album. Great article!

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