Winter wedding portraits in Missouri

Timber Creek Event Center Wedding | Skylar + Daniel

Saturday morning, I made a promise to myself. After spinning out several times in my dinky Prius on my way to this Timber Creek Event Center winter wedding in St. Joe, I decided I’m never taking another winter wedding. My anxiety can’t handle the stress of driving on ice. However, as I was photographing in the beautiful snow, I quickly changed my mind. I will take all the winter weddings! The drive was terrifying, but the images are so worth it.

Timber Creek Event Center winter wedding

When I was arrived, Skylar and Daniel were both super thankful all their vendors and friends arrived safely to celebrate their beautiful day. Beautiful is an understatement. Even though it was freezing and we maybe only were able to spend 30 minutes outside, we worked fast and made those 30 minutes count.

These two along with their entire wedding party were troupers. The temperature was not on our side, but they didn’t complain and stayed positive for the sake of the pictures.

Winter wedding portraits in Missouri

My favorite moment of the day had to be their first look. I have seen hundreds of first looks, but the way Daniel teared up before even seeing Skylar had to be one of my favorite moments of all time. Before a first look, I always like giving the bride and groom instructions for what to do in order to get the best images, but I quickly realized nothing I said mattered. I mean this in the most positive sense of the words. Skylar and Daniel were too focused on the emotions of seeing each other that I’m pretty sure they didn’t hear a word I said and I knew, this is going to be something special.

They weren’t obsessing over the nerves or how to get their first look picture perfect. They were just so ready to be in each other’s arms. You know it’s true love when all they want to do is spend that moment with the most important person.

Emotional wedding first look in St. Joe Missouri

Before Skylar even reached Daniel, neither one of them could control their emotions. This was a recurring theme all day. Even after the ceremony, they requested to spend 20 minutes alone. I’ve never had this happen before. So often, the couple is so ready to begin the party, but these two truly cared about spending the day with each other. No one else mattered in those moments and that is really what a wedding day is all about.

Of course when the party began, they were so excited to see their friends and family, but still didn’t leave each other’s side all night long. It was wonderful for me to see how much these two cared about their love, more than just having a big party.

I do also have to mention how personalized they really made their day. These two had their first date at Freddy’s, so they were sure to include drinks from Freddy’s as part of their meal. On their cake, they included figurines representing their dogs, so they could share the day with them as well. Daniel even included his personality with his ring and tie clips. His ring, tie clip, and socks all sported Thor’s hammer.

Timber Creek event center wedding reception

I could go on and on, but I’ll let you witness their love through these images. Thank you Skylar and Daniel for allowing me to be part of your beautiful Timber Creek Event Center winter wedding!

Venue: Timber Creek Event Center

Florist: Little Claras Garden

Cake: JoJos RX

DJ: Icon Event Group

Hair and Makeup: Roxana Dolson

Catering: Katie’s Catering

Photography: E. Golden Moments

Fireworks at Missouri winter wedding

– Hear from the bride –

Share the inspiration and atmosphere you’re creating for your wedding:

Joy and Laughter

Share how (or why) you chose your wedding venue(s):

We chose Timber Creek Event Center because the style as well as location was what we were looking for.

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their wedding?

Keep the engagement as short as you possibly can.

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

Knowing that this is a special day that I have control of.

Winter wedding portraits in Missouri

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