Top 7 Wedding Trends of 2024

It’s 2024 and wedding trends come and go. Throughout 2023, I saw a rise in several trends that will make a larger appearance this year. Here are the top 7 wedding trends for Kansas City couples in 2024.

1. Outfit Changes

Why settle for one dress when you can have two! This has always been a trend in certain markets, but I’m loving how it’s making its way to KC. Your large gown can be cumbersome on the dance floor, so select a second dress to make it easier when you are trying to break out your moves.

The Haven Event Space wedding
The Haven Event Space wedding

2. Private Vows

Private vows have to my favorite trend ever to come into existence. They allow you to spend a few emotional moments with your spouse before all eyes on you. Trust me when I say, it’s an emotional experience for everyone involved.

Lone Summit Ranch wedding
Kansas City wedding photographer

3. Black and White Weddings

Colorful bridesmaid dresses are so 2023. As much as I love a splash of color, black and white weddings have an unmatched elegance. Add some color to your flowers or decor, but leave the monochrome for your wedding party.

Haven Event Space wedding
Elysian Fields wedding

4. Colorful Groom Suits

This might contradict with the previous point, but there has been a rise in colorful groom suits. Your groom doesn’t have to wear black or grey. Instead switch it up with a green or white suit.

The Austin Kansas City wedding venue
The Rhapsody wedding and event venue in Independence

5. Custom Backdrops

Backdrops have been a thing for a while, but there has been a trend in creating your own custom backdrop for your photos. Maybe you order a neon sign with your last name or design something truly unique for your day. The possibilities are endless.

Mildale Farm wedding reception
Fall Lone Summit Ranch wedding

6. Unique Takes On Reception Events

The shoe game has been popular for years, but recently I’ve seen shoe games without shoes. Instead of taking off your fancy shoes, turn it into a drinking game and use signature drinks. Or, cut your cake with a sword instead of a knife. There are so many ways to make traditional reception events your own.

Executive Hills Polo Club wedding
Elysian Fields wedding

7. LacyTrains

Of course having a train has always been popular, but there has been a rise of trains made completely from lace. This is a gorgeous way to add elegance to your day without all the layers of a traditional train.

LSR wedding Kansas City
Legacy at Green Hills wedding

As a Kansas City wedding photographer, I love all these 2024 top wedding trends and hope to see much more in the coming months!


  1. I absolutely love the idea of turning the shoe game into a drinking game! Now that I think about it, I can’t believe I’ve never seen anyone do that!

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