I’m so excited to spend some time today talking about my wedding budget calculator that will hopefully make planning so much easier for all Kansas City brides. Since the actual page containing the calculator was short and sweet, I wanted to write another one explaining some of the logic behind the numbers.

Here are some questions you may have about my calculator!

How did you come up with the numbers?

The numbers are based on a Wedding Wire article regarding a proper wedding breakdown. I used this information and mixed it with my own personal experience/experience of my brides. I noticed these numbers weren’t completely accurate for a Kansas City wedding, so I wanted to put my own spin on it!

Here’s how my breakdown works:

Venue: 25% of the total budget

Food/Drink: 25% of the total budget

Photography: 12% of the total budget

Videography: 5% of the total budget

Attire: 7% of the total budget

Hair and Makeup: 2% of the total budget

Decor: 8% of the total budget

DJ: 7% of the total budget

Planner: 5% of the total budget

Invitations: 3% of the total budget

I do realize these numbers may not be accurate for everyone, but after interviewing 60+ of my past brides, I realized these numbers were as close to average as I could get. Keep in mind, every wedding is so different and you might have completely different numbers in mind! This is why I also allow you to set the importance of each vendor!

Why do we set the importance of each vendor?

I believe this step is what makes my wedding budget calculator so different than anything else available. So many calculators will shout numbers at you, but I couldn’t find any that took your preference into consideration. Say you couldn’t care less about food, but hair and makeup was your biggest priority? Why would you spend 25% of your budget on food when you really just want barbecue? That’s where your preferences are taken into consideration! Simply rate hair and makeup higher and the calculator will allocate more of your budget to it while still accounting for what is realistic.

How was the calculator created?

Magic! No, but seriously, it felt like magic to me. My wonderful husband, Kyle, who also doubles as my videographer created the math for me. In his words, it’s pretty simple if you have taken advanced statistics. Yeah…no. There is no way I could have done this by myself, but I’m so glad he was able to spend a few hours working on this for us all!

Where can I find it?

If you’re wondering how to plan your wedding budget in 2020, check out the calculator here! Let me know what you think of it in the comments! I’m always happy to hear your positive and negative thoughts!

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