Wyandotte County Lake | Emily + Stephen

Summer is here and I could not be more excited! I’m one of those weird people who actually enjoys 90 degree days. My fiancé thinks I’m insane, but I just can’t get enough of warm weather.

I met up with Emily and Stephen last week to explore a new location. I have never been to Wyandotte County Lake before and I have no idea why. It was a beautiful area! It reminded me a bit of Shawnee Mission Park, but with more diverse backgrounds.

And, don’t even get me started on that light. We started our session right around sunset and we had the most beautiful glow coming through the trees. It was so perfect.

Emily and Stephen were also pretty awesome as well. They weren’t too comfortable in front of the camera, but quickly loosened up and had such a fun time together. I love when couples are able to interact naturally and just be adorable.

I’m so excited about their wedding in September. It will be incredible!

How did he propose?

He had been planning it for a while, but all his ideas went down the drain. We were having a big fight to which he brought it out and said “I just love you so freaking much, and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you” And I said yes, i dont even remember what we were fighting about!

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

The way he makes me feel on those days when im tired and cranky, and he makes me laugh and makes it feel like a brand new day.

Question for the groom: what do you love most about her?

She makes me feel super-human. My success is largely because she has been my constant cheerleader and my biggest fan. Also she is super cute.

What’s your favorite part of wedding planning?

Getting in touch with old family members.

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

Seeing everyones smiling faces, bringing together my families.

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