Wyandotte County Lake Engagement

Wyandotte County Lake Engagement | Taryn + Patrick

It feels so good to be able to do sessions again! This week started with a gorgeous Wyandotte County Lake engagement session with Taryn and Patrick and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. The sun was shining and we had 60 degree temperatures to make this session the best ever!

When Taryn and I first started planning their session, she really wanted Wyandotte County Lake. After a few reschedules because of the stay at home order, we were finally able to make their session a reality. This park is not as popular for engagement sessions, so I wasn't extremely familiar with it. Thankfully Patrick had spent a lot of time here growing up, so he took the reins on finding the best locations. We started at James P Davis Hall, which I knew pretty well, and found some gorgeous hidden gems around that area.

Wyandotte County Lake Engagement

When I was driving up, I came across this median in the parking lot filled with tons of flowers still in bloom. I had them sit on the ground to capture these images, but it was so perfect.

These two were so fun together! Real talk, engagement sessions can be awkward when we first get started. This is most likely the first professional photos you've ever had together, so it's not uncommon to wonder what to do with your hands or how to pose for the camera. After a few "hilarious" prompts, they really started to get the hang of it and were naturals in front of the camera! They were just happy joking around with each other and showing their best selves!Wyandotte County Lake Engagement

At the end of the session, they asked if they could put on masks and take a few pictures to commemorate this time in their lives. In Taryn's words "we need proof this is how we were living 20 years from now." If 2020 was a picture, these two captured it in all its glory...6 feet apart and wearing masks. Let's hope they'll look back on that image 20 years from now and laugh at how crazy the world was.

Since Taryn is a nurse and Patrick is also still working during this craziness, I'm so glad we were able to find a time to get together and create pretty images! I can't wait until your September wedding. It will be amazing! Here's your full preview 🙂Wyandotte County Lake Engagement

Hear from the couple -

How did he propose?

He surprised me when we went on a trip to Branson last December.

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

His personality and positive outlook on life.

Question for the groom: what do you love most about her?

His personality and positive outlook on life.

What's your favorite part about wedding planning?

Seeing everything come together makes it so real and that it’ll be here soon.

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

Celebrating and dancing the night away with friends and family.

Wyandotte County Lake Engagement

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